Tuesday, July 1, 2008

something newish

greetings. it has been quite along time. i have been very distracted. there is the garden with pretty things, the fruit trees are ripening, i ate the first of the blackberries. soon there will be pie! we got a new kitty. we rescued him from certain death and are nursing him back to health. i love him. we can not let him inter act with our other two cats. it is a lot of hand washing. he will be in quarantine for 3 more weeks, maybe longer. he lives in the library, and sleeps on my chair.
today i am going to draw up new dolls and sew at least one of them. i've decided to switch gears slightly and make larger dolls. more art and detail oriented.
i love making my production softies. i think i have sewn them so many times that i'm beginning to feel like a robot. it is time to draw out new one's and retire the old ones. it makes me a little sad. such nice little friends they are.