Tuesday, January 19, 2010

perfect pom-pons

this is what i did tonite to relax.

something new in habu

this is my knitting distraction for right now. i love making tubes to wrap around my neck. this one has cashmere, linen paper ring, stainless steel. it feels amazing. i think i'll do a bit of crochet on the edge when i'm done. i'll have to wait and see what it needs.

mushies for sweet william

a new batch is on it's way to williamsburg. they are going to make everyone happy.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


laku is one of the prettiest stores in the mission. the shop is on valencia down by 24th. her studio is in the back and they are always making wonderful things. there is a small section of japanese textiles you can buy. they are mostly antique and salvaged kimono fabric.
the shop is filled with brightly coloued scarves, cute kitties made from upcycled sweaters, vintage night gowns, the most beautiful buttons and jewelry.
if your ever in the area you should stop by.

i heart scrap

saturday i had an epic hour at scrap. i didn't even finish the last isle of fabric. my box was full. my bags were full and my husband was looking at me with questioning eyes. i found most of what was someone's linen pillow cases minus the zippers, for recovering a couch. i now have linen down pillows all over my couch.i need to get some more pillows. i have four cases left. and i got enough other kinds of linen to make matts for the couch and a quilt for my bed:) oh! and lovely brightly coloured cottons.
there were no good bolts of fabric, or bias tape. that is the wonder of scrap. you never know what you will get. but you will always find something good if you take the time to look.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

sweetest faces

i just finished embroidering these little lovelies. when i was organizing my fabric i discovered i still had a piece of fabric from my wedding dress. it is the blu\gold kimono fabric. i new it needed to become a sweet faced girl. i also found some other small pieces of very pretty fabric. i love finding things forgotten. it makes me even happier when i'm able to transform them into something very special.

Friday, January 8, 2010

this is something i'm working on

this is one of the things i was working on today. i think it is pretty sweet. there are a few details on production that i have to figure out. soon this darling little bunny will be available for purchase.
tomorrow i'll be mocking up some new mushies and working on proto types for jess brown. i love happy studio day!