Monday, December 31, 2007

arctic tundra

greetings to all. i just got back from a week of cold, white, mid western goodness. my husband and i spent this holiday season with my family in north west Iowa. we also spent time in Vermilion South Dakota were i went to university.
there is something both beautiful and strange about Vermilion. it was like i never left. things don't seem to change there. there is a great coffee shop, were i worked for ever, and a rad thrift store called the civic council. not to mention really nice people that i love.
we went to the civ and it was half price day. yippee:D i bought a bunch of stuff that i assembled and Will and Krista helped me install. stay tuned for pictures and maybe a short film.
we mostly walked around and hung out at Krista and Noah's new house. it is an old victorian on the bluff. it was so beautiful. i got so inspired. the sun was so bright it shot laser beams into my brain. I'm super charged. there are more details and such but i'll explain more once the pictures are up. happy new year!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

one friend, two friend, bunny friend

welly, welly, well. ever since thanksgiving life has been a blur. Retail hell has started at the yarn shop, I joined black mountain artisan coop, and Serena and Lily contacted me to replicate some friends. did i mention that I was sick and have no idea what has happened in the last week.
well any way I've been busy.
I'm super excited about the coop. I met the other members last Thursday . It is a great group of ladies. black mountain artisans is a retail shop out in Point Reyes Station. I'll be working three days a month in the store. I let you know if anything exciting happens.
My most favorite thing that happened is working on the 'friends' project again. Back in August/September I did some product development for this really nice company called Serena and Lily. I took drawings that Serena had made and developed them into the sweetest dolls ever. There is a bear, lamb, and rabbit. Turns out they needed a new set asap and I'm in the process of making them. I finished the bear today and got a good start on the rabbit. I have a lot of embroidering to do tomorrow. I'll post pictures of little darlings when I have the new ones finished.
If that isn't enough I have three sweaters i'm knitting. I'll surprise model them when I'm done. yikes and I still need to reinstall my tree sweater. I'm getting tired just thinking about it.