Wednesday, November 14, 2007

reign of critter doom (in a good way)

oh my what a busy weekendish week I've had and still having. Saturday I had a lovely time out at Windrush farms. Sunday I took a sewing class. I'm still learning how to use my serger. Will and I went to the Knitterly and took pictures of my window display for the softies trunk show. The pictures turned out great. Please stop by the shop and give it a look. The softies that were part of the trunk show got sent back but all of my critters are still lurking about. Monday and Tuesday I spent in my studio. I have all this beautiful old Japanese cotton and silk that i stitched into hairpins. I made a big pile to take to my sister and I made a little pile for me. Last night I stitched a bunch that will go into shops.
I'm sad to say that the tree is still naked. If it is slow tomorrow at work I may try to get it stitched back up. Trees look so lovely when they are wrapped in wooley stripes. Other wise it will have to wait till after thanksgiving.
I have two sweater that i'm working on and they aren't going to knit themselves so adios.

Friday, November 9, 2007

re sweatering

this morning when i arrived to work early i found my tree naked. oh Petaluma you disappoint me. i was sad. i came to work early to secure the tree sweater. i waited to long i guess.
when my boss Shelli arrived at work neatly folded in a bag was my tree sweater. while she was teaching a class the night before she noticed a group of young boys admiring the tree. they even asked her questioned about learning how to knit. as they lingered outside and skulked about in the shadows, she decided that the tree sweater was not safe. she removed all 100 jumbo safety pins and took it home.
i have designed garters and will be spending a good portion on Monday seaming the sweater to the tree and climbing a ladder to secure the garment. if i'm feeling industrious i will knit a sister sweater for the spindle tree on the other side of the door. i'll take pictures upon completion. thanks for your love and comments. kisses

Thursday, November 8, 2007

howdy everyone

So this morning i walked to work and discovered a rumpled tree sweater. i frowned a bit and got on my tip toes and straightened it out proper and tall. Shortly after i ran in to my coworker ashleigh who gave me the full scoop. she arrived on the scene , eight o'clock early to find a tugged down tree and in'n'out burger smeared side walk and front steps. strawberry milk shake foot prints leading away from the scene of the crime. Ashleigh being good and not evil waved her magic fairy wand and restored the sleepy sidewalk to a pretty picture. thank you ashleigh.
i was afraid this would happen. i'm going to knit some garters for my tree stocking. yank on this!
if you get a chance check it out sooner then later. i think the tree sweaters in the mission will stay cozy much longer. have no fear i will not rest till every tree and maybe even lamp post on my block is safe and snuggly wrapped in wool.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

sweatery goodness

welcome to my blog. I have been busy on my knitting machine and learning how to use my new serger. the first sweater tree installation was to celebrate open studios in the mission at compound 21. the second installation is in front of the Knitterly. Both of these places are some of my most favorite.
this Saturday I'm participating in a holiday gift sale at Windrush farms out at 2263 Chileno valley road in Petaluma, Ca. There will be woolly hats and photographs and lovely ceramics. I hope you can come. I'll takes pictures. It is super beautiful out there.
I have a million things I'm working on right now. I won't bore you with details. Mostly knitting and sewing. Laurel gave me a great idea. let's just say it's cute and useful and you will want one. Check back on Tuesday. If my plan works I'll have prototype done.
love and kisses.