Tuesday, December 30, 2008

happy lunch=bentokozy

i found the cutest bento box sets at the new Japanese market by the train station in Port Washington on Long Island. We were visiting my husbands family for the holidays. i like to stop at the Asian markets to find new candy for my sister. she loves it as much as i do.
After picking out all sorts of bits to wrap and give as surprise presents. i found these lovely bento box sets with matching utensils. they were so awesome. the wrapper said "natural lunch makes you happy". i wonder what an un natural lunch makes you?
any way i decided that they needed something knitted to ensure they would stay tucked together after being placed in a bag. i really wish i was a t home. i could have made linen napkins with embroidered bits on them. i also would have had my mini pon pom makers. i've learned my lesson. i'll never leave the house with out them again.
i had left over yarn from the slippers i finished on the airplane so i cast on thirteen stitches and started to knit. i crocheted some buttons and voilia bento box kozies. happy lunch.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

holiday stuff

t'is the season. i'm still knitting presents and trying to figure out what the new year has in store for me. i'm in New York for a bit and then we head down to North Carolina.
I've been making notes and sketches everyday. i can't wait to get back to the studio.
some things that i will have are new dolls, knitting patterns, a magical collaboration with Gabby Lala, lots of mischief with meredith, jen and whitni.
i'm going to be teaching again. so if you want to learn how to make a very cute hat, chunky ribbed slippers or a cozy scarf with a hood go check out knitterly.net and castawayyarn.com. i'll be teaching in petaluma and santa rosa. i'll get more information later.
i need to get back to knitting. enjoy.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

look how lovely

gnomes, gnomes everywhere.

it's been awhile. i've been sewing. A lot. i've also been knitting. a few of my patterns are being published. i'm very excited. the company is handjive. it's all natural dyed super yummy yarn. i'll have to do a minnie photo shoot preveiw next week. the patterns will be available in jan 2009.
otherwise i made some lovely new owls out of the most deliciouse brown wool. right now i'm sewing another batch of gnomes. my very good friend meredith gave me the best plaid wool ever. it makes me die every time i look at it. i have to take new pictures. friday is pictures and post on your blog day for me. saturday is craftaluma holiday spectacular. i'll be selling owls, gnomes, hair pins. i hope to see you there. i'll get all the specifics posted.
meredith and i did a tree sweater forest installation in court house square in santa rosa, ca. it's so pretty. please go and see it before it gets stolen. we've had six small ones stolen from court house square a while back. it made us sad. and our favorite sweater got stolen by the game store. well it's not going to stop us. however my knitting machine is refusing to cooperate. there won't be any new sweaters until the new year. but the installation will move around at least once more. alright i have gnomes to sew.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


were to start. i've been busy, distracted, productive, and inspired. oh yay. totally exhausted.
mostly i have been drawing. today i will be making and photographing new dolls. my plan is to make one doll out of each drawing. my dolls have always been one of a kind but multiples. like a print edition but in totally different colours each time. production of any kind can wear on you. it deffinitly wears on me. i've done a lot of it. so anyway, to keep things fresh and exciting for me, i'm making just one. i'll have pictures up soon.
i want to share an ongoing art peice that i participated in. my friend stephan lives in germany and makes really cool stuff. he is doing a peice called breath. he fills a white balloon with his breath and gives it to someone. this someone then takes the breath and releases it. pop! i had the breath for a very long time before i decided what to do with it. here is a photo. enjoy.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

something newish

greetings. it has been quite along time. i have been very distracted. there is the garden with pretty things, the fruit trees are ripening, i ate the first of the blackberries. soon there will be pie! we got a new kitty. we rescued him from certain death and are nursing him back to health. i love him. we can not let him inter act with our other two cats. it is a lot of hand washing. he will be in quarantine for 3 more weeks, maybe longer. he lives in the library, and sleeps on my chair.
today i am going to draw up new dolls and sew at least one of them. i've decided to switch gears slightly and make larger dolls. more art and detail oriented.
i love making my production softies. i think i have sewn them so many times that i'm beginning to feel like a robot. it is time to draw out new one's and retire the old ones. it makes me a little sad. such nice little friends they are.

Monday, March 24, 2008

lily pads and paint

I love my new house. every morning when I wake up I'm inspired. I can't keep up with all the ideas that are flooding my brain. the count down for my show has begun. I need to make a check list of the 'get it done now stuff'. as of 20 minutes ago I have completed four large paintings and four small paintings. in fact I should be painting right now. but I wanted to say hello.
this morning when I was outside checking the wogs I discovered four lily pads are in bloom in the fountain. Oh so pretty. I also saw freshly hatched little pollys, so small and translucent. Amazing!
The other day in search for felt for a friend I found my owl bodies. they have been MIA since we moved. I think I will bring some to life later this afternoon. well I'm gonna go eat cookies.

Monday, March 17, 2008

wogs and boxes

it has been a whirlwind the past couple of weeks. we moved into a really great house, i had a great time participating in noise pop'n'shop, and my polywogs have been hatching.
are house is still half full of boxes. most of the important stuff has been found. i can make coffee and get dressed in more then one outfit. what more do you need? i'm mostly obsessed with my wogs. they are so amazing. i made a hatching home for them. i still have eggs that are developing. i feel like a five year old every morning when i check on them. i'll take pictures so you can see.
i started painting saturday when we got back from a field trip to utrehct. i got huge pieces of paper. so shiny, clean, and waiting. i started three new paintings. i'm going to paint all day today. i can't wait. i also got new tubes of fluorescent red, my most favorite colour. oh so happy! i'm gonna go paint.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


O.K. i ment to have this up sooner. this is info on the pop and shop stuff. i'm super excited. There is going to be a lot good stuff, so please come check it out. i've been sewing till my fingers bleed. i made a whole basket of owls and they like to stare, and i like to stare back at them. they are so flip'n cute they kept distracting me from all the other things i was working on. i just wanted to play with them. Moving right along. i will also have a handful of shrinky dink drawings for sale and of course my other dolls that some of you may be familiar with.
I can't wait to see all your smiling faces.

You need to come and visit me there! There will be all sorts of
cool stuff there in addition to my supercute critters and stylish
hairpins. It takes place this coming *Sunday March 2* from Noon - 5pm @
12 Galaxies in San Francisco.

Admission is FREE. And, there's a pancake & waffle brunch too! For
more info visit the Noise Pop site. Let me know if you have any questions, otherwise I hope to see
you there!

H. Luv Fabrications

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

pretty little things

Today i am off to the studio to put finishing touches on my stuff. this sunday is noise pop shop. i have links and pictures that i will post tonite. please check back. i will also post pictures of my owls. i want to keep them but that would be greedy. i'll be taking them with me to 12 galaxies. i better get to work.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

when it rains, it pours.

every day for the last i don't know how long, I've been meaning to post on my blog. it has been far to long. i have pictures and stuff. so much stuff and finished projects that i can't keep up. so i have decided to start over. well kind of.
i have an upcoming show in North Carolina in this rad design store. i got into noise pop shop in San Fransisco, i have more ideas then time. I'll get links and updates as they come to me and post them. I'm getting more computer literate. i need to get more computer literate. i mean i really need to. these things take time.
i have a good friend that is going to modify my website so it is easier for me to keep it current. I'm very excited.
oh and we are in the middle of moving. when it rains, it pours. which it has been doing a lot of. for several days now it has been sunny. this makes it very hard not to be outside digging in the dirt.
enough of me rambling. time to get to the studio and make more art.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

revisit the tundra and friends

i finally have pictures for you of the tree sweater-ing in south dakota. i'm very pleased on how well the pictures came out. i need to contact my friends to find out if they are all still up.
the very sweet softies are from the product development i did for serena and lily. i heart them. i hope you do to.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

new studio

happy day! oh happy day! today was the second day in my new studio. it has window, and i can see trees. i love my new studio. it is small and full of creative power.
yesterday i designed a new doll and today i designed another doll. i made several of each in a variety of colours. they are so cute it hurts. they are going to be published in a book. I'll get some pictures up one of these days. any way the one doll is a boy/girl in a bear suit and they like my friend Brooke and my sweet baby sister. i need to make some with pigtails. the other is an owl based on a painting i made for my show at Maude some time back. i sold the painting and i miss it terribly. but i think art needs to go out into the world. so i made this funny linen owl with psychedelic eyes and stitched belly. i think i like them more then the painting, cuz they are squeeezable. well that is all i know for now.