Tuesday, February 12, 2008

when it rains, it pours.

every day for the last i don't know how long, I've been meaning to post on my blog. it has been far to long. i have pictures and stuff. so much stuff and finished projects that i can't keep up. so i have decided to start over. well kind of.
i have an upcoming show in North Carolina in this rad design store. i got into noise pop shop in San Fransisco, i have more ideas then time. I'll get links and updates as they come to me and post them. I'm getting more computer literate. i need to get more computer literate. i mean i really need to. these things take time.
i have a good friend that is going to modify my website so it is easier for me to keep it current. I'm very excited.
oh and we are in the middle of moving. when it rains, it pours. which it has been doing a lot of. for several days now it has been sunny. this makes it very hard not to be outside digging in the dirt.
enough of me rambling. time to get to the studio and make more art.

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anonant said...

The bloggiverse is a very patient audience . When I have in the past, posted steady, once a week or so, it becomes a habit. Keep your posts simple and know what you are going to post before you sit. I love your little creatures!