Saturday, October 18, 2008


were to start. i've been busy, distracted, productive, and inspired. oh yay. totally exhausted.
mostly i have been drawing. today i will be making and photographing new dolls. my plan is to make one doll out of each drawing. my dolls have always been one of a kind but multiples. like a print edition but in totally different colours each time. production of any kind can wear on you. it deffinitly wears on me. i've done a lot of it. so anyway, to keep things fresh and exciting for me, i'm making just one. i'll have pictures up soon.
i want to share an ongoing art peice that i participated in. my friend stephan lives in germany and makes really cool stuff. he is doing a peice called breath. he fills a white balloon with his breath and gives it to someone. this someone then takes the breath and releases it. pop! i had the breath for a very long time before i decided what to do with it. here is a photo. enjoy.

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Bobishi said...

Hi, I am just trying to contact you to thank you for your beautiful contributions to the "More Softies" book. I am a school teacher and I teach textiles and it is getting to the end of a long year and we are using the two beautiful books in our year 8 textiles classes to inspire our students to think outside the square and create beautiful softies. I really wanted to share with you the first one that has been finished using your pattern!
This was made by Shanai and is her first EVER softie. I will post it in my blog if you want to have a look. She would just be so excited to know that you saw it:)
I think it is super cute and she is so proud of it:) She has started making more now, she is hooked! Thanks!