Tuesday, December 30, 2008

happy lunch=bentokozy

i found the cutest bento box sets at the new Japanese market by the train station in Port Washington on Long Island. We were visiting my husbands family for the holidays. i like to stop at the Asian markets to find new candy for my sister. she loves it as much as i do.
After picking out all sorts of bits to wrap and give as surprise presents. i found these lovely bento box sets with matching utensils. they were so awesome. the wrapper said "natural lunch makes you happy". i wonder what an un natural lunch makes you?
any way i decided that they needed something knitted to ensure they would stay tucked together after being placed in a bag. i really wish i was a t home. i could have made linen napkins with embroidered bits on them. i also would have had my mini pon pom makers. i've learned my lesson. i'll never leave the house with out them again.
i had left over yarn from the slippers i finished on the airplane so i cast on thirteen stitches and started to knit. i crocheted some buttons and voilia bento box kozies. happy lunch.

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susan heggestad said...

so, when will these be on the market?