Tuesday, May 19, 2009

lost in the garden.......standing with scissors.

mmmmmm.......it has been quite awhile. this spring has been filled will all sorts of adventures. i've been busy making things and being very bad about posting them. so rather then playing catch up i'm going to start from what is going on right now.
i have samples and patterns that i'm working on for alchemy yarn's of transformation for tnna in a couple of weeks. i'm so excited. i love the pieces.
i have a batch of kitties to sew today. they are naughty, all of them. i need to work on some sleepy kitties.
i just finished a batch of bodies for jess brown designs. for a really awesome project. i'll have more information on that in the future.
my garden is in full bloom. i need more dirt and more time. i have berries ripening, tender lettuce, and some of the first summer squashes forming. most of my kale and chard has started to bloom. i need to go out and a weed. it looks sort of ferral and beautiful.
i also have come to the full and complete conclusion that i need to learn more computer skills. but for now i'm going to pour myself a cup of coffee and get to sewing, so i have something to show you.

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