Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my new favorite

we spent the day running around williamsburg and visiting shops. i finally got to experience sweet william. a brilliant children's store that carries my dolls. it was lovely. so many perfectly sweet/edgy clothes, toys, accessories. owner bronagh staley has a beautiful vision. i was so inspired when i left i drew all through dinner and on the train back to long island. the drawing i posted is one of many new dolls that will be added to my line. oh how i wish i had a sewing machine in my pocket. i'll have to wait till i get back to my studio before anything can be realized. i'm thinking hot pink corduroy and a tinie tiny floral print for the inside of the ears. i also have several bolts of delicious velvet. mmmmm velvet bunny of super cuteness!
time to get back to drawing. i want to figure out a spindle peacock.
love love happy holidays!

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susan heggestad said...

isn't love a (hot) pink cake? it would be amazing... can't wait to see them!