Sunday, December 2, 2007

one friend, two friend, bunny friend

welly, welly, well. ever since thanksgiving life has been a blur. Retail hell has started at the yarn shop, I joined black mountain artisan coop, and Serena and Lily contacted me to replicate some friends. did i mention that I was sick and have no idea what has happened in the last week.
well any way I've been busy.
I'm super excited about the coop. I met the other members last Thursday . It is a great group of ladies. black mountain artisans is a retail shop out in Point Reyes Station. I'll be working three days a month in the store. I let you know if anything exciting happens.
My most favorite thing that happened is working on the 'friends' project again. Back in August/September I did some product development for this really nice company called Serena and Lily. I took drawings that Serena had made and developed them into the sweetest dolls ever. There is a bear, lamb, and rabbit. Turns out they needed a new set asap and I'm in the process of making them. I finished the bear today and got a good start on the rabbit. I have a lot of embroidering to do tomorrow. I'll post pictures of little darlings when I have the new ones finished.
If that isn't enough I have three sweaters i'm knitting. I'll surprise model them when I'm done. yikes and I still need to reinstall my tree sweater. I'm getting tired just thinking about it.

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anonant said...

Looks like Thomas is going to college. Grandma and I will be sure to visit Serena and Lily on the way to our most favorite place.