Tuesday, January 8, 2008

new studio

happy day! oh happy day! today was the second day in my new studio. it has window, and i can see trees. i love my new studio. it is small and full of creative power.
yesterday i designed a new doll and today i designed another doll. i made several of each in a variety of colours. they are so cute it hurts. they are going to be published in a book. I'll get some pictures up one of these days. any way the one doll is a boy/girl in a bear suit and they like my friend Brooke and my sweet baby sister. i need to make some with pigtails. the other is an owl based on a painting i made for my show at Maude some time back. i sold the painting and i miss it terribly. but i think art needs to go out into the world. so i made this funny linen owl with psychedelic eyes and stitched belly. i think i like them more then the painting, cuz they are squeeezable. well that is all i know for now.


anonant said...

Give me pictures! I love pictures.
How are the Tarheeled blondes doing.

The Buttes are cold and covered with snow!

loloro said...

hi-D blog!

i have a cold, so i am inside embroidering and crocheting clean dirty things. i should be carving but i'd fill my mask with snot. it's an expensive mask, so instead i crochet.

we took our tree sweaters down and dried them and folded them after it started raining, but i miss them and wonder if i should put them back up?

i want to see the dollies.