Monday, March 24, 2008

lily pads and paint

I love my new house. every morning when I wake up I'm inspired. I can't keep up with all the ideas that are flooding my brain. the count down for my show has begun. I need to make a check list of the 'get it done now stuff'. as of 20 minutes ago I have completed four large paintings and four small paintings. in fact I should be painting right now. but I wanted to say hello.
this morning when I was outside checking the wogs I discovered four lily pads are in bloom in the fountain. Oh so pretty. I also saw freshly hatched little pollys, so small and translucent. Amazing!
The other day in search for felt for a friend I found my owl bodies. they have been MIA since we moved. I think I will bring some to life later this afternoon. well I'm gonna go eat cookies.

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matirose said...

oh my god is this your cute blog? oh my gawd is that your beautiful house? omg, are those your rad owls? OMG!!!! heidi, life looks good on your end:) super inspiring xoxo