Monday, March 17, 2008

wogs and boxes

it has been a whirlwind the past couple of weeks. we moved into a really great house, i had a great time participating in noise pop'n'shop, and my polywogs have been hatching.
are house is still half full of boxes. most of the important stuff has been found. i can make coffee and get dressed in more then one outfit. what more do you need? i'm mostly obsessed with my wogs. they are so amazing. i made a hatching home for them. i still have eggs that are developing. i feel like a five year old every morning when i check on them. i'll take pictures so you can see.
i started painting saturday when we got back from a field trip to utrehct. i got huge pieces of paper. so shiny, clean, and waiting. i started three new paintings. i'm going to paint all day today. i can't wait. i also got new tubes of fluorescent red, my most favorite colour. oh so happy! i'm gonna go paint.

1 comment:

loloro said...

don't get too attached to ALL of your wogs! start attributing negative characteristics to some so that you'll be willing to let go.

can i come stay on your couch whenever i want?