Wednesday, November 14, 2007

reign of critter doom (in a good way)

oh my what a busy weekendish week I've had and still having. Saturday I had a lovely time out at Windrush farms. Sunday I took a sewing class. I'm still learning how to use my serger. Will and I went to the Knitterly and took pictures of my window display for the softies trunk show. The pictures turned out great. Please stop by the shop and give it a look. The softies that were part of the trunk show got sent back but all of my critters are still lurking about. Monday and Tuesday I spent in my studio. I have all this beautiful old Japanese cotton and silk that i stitched into hairpins. I made a big pile to take to my sister and I made a little pile for me. Last night I stitched a bunch that will go into shops.
I'm sad to say that the tree is still naked. If it is slow tomorrow at work I may try to get it stitched back up. Trees look so lovely when they are wrapped in wooley stripes. Other wise it will have to wait till after thanksgiving.
I have two sweater that i'm working on and they aren't going to knit themselves so adios.

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