Wednesday, November 7, 2007

sweatery goodness

welcome to my blog. I have been busy on my knitting machine and learning how to use my new serger. the first sweater tree installation was to celebrate open studios in the mission at compound 21. the second installation is in front of the Knitterly. Both of these places are some of my most favorite.
this Saturday I'm participating in a holiday gift sale at Windrush farms out at 2263 Chileno valley road in Petaluma, Ca. There will be woolly hats and photographs and lovely ceramics. I hope you can come. I'll takes pictures. It is super beautiful out there.
I have a million things I'm working on right now. I won't bore you with details. Mostly knitting and sewing. Laurel gave me a great idea. let's just say it's cute and useful and you will want one. Check back on Tuesday. If my plan works I'll have prototype done.
love and kisses.


SimiaArtifex said...

hooray! you posted real good baby!

Meredith said...

what is the cute and useful thing?? i must know! because i am certain to want at least one of them.

Scott said...

One of us! One of us! One of us!

anonant said...

Yay! H.Luv you rock, trees around America are hoping to be yanked out of their native soil for transplantation into the fine earth of Sonoma County in that lil town Petaluma so they can wear stylish sweaters.


h. luv said...

scott and meredith you have a house warming present or four. just let me know what colours you think are pretty.