Friday, November 9, 2007

re sweatering

this morning when i arrived to work early i found my tree naked. oh Petaluma you disappoint me. i was sad. i came to work early to secure the tree sweater. i waited to long i guess.
when my boss Shelli arrived at work neatly folded in a bag was my tree sweater. while she was teaching a class the night before she noticed a group of young boys admiring the tree. they even asked her questioned about learning how to knit. as they lingered outside and skulked about in the shadows, she decided that the tree sweater was not safe. she removed all 100 jumbo safety pins and took it home.
i have designed garters and will be spending a good portion on Monday seaming the sweater to the tree and climbing a ladder to secure the garment. if i'm feeling industrious i will knit a sister sweater for the spindle tree on the other side of the door. i'll take pictures upon completion. thanks for your love and comments. kisses


anonant said...

The young boys were likely aware of the power that your art contains and its value to treedom all over the world. If they are ever stolen and turn up on the black market I will ensure their speedy return.

h. luv said...

Dalton you are special and i heart u!