Thursday, November 8, 2007

howdy everyone

So this morning i walked to work and discovered a rumpled tree sweater. i frowned a bit and got on my tip toes and straightened it out proper and tall. Shortly after i ran in to my coworker ashleigh who gave me the full scoop. she arrived on the scene , eight o'clock early to find a tugged down tree and in'n'out burger smeared side walk and front steps. strawberry milk shake foot prints leading away from the scene of the crime. Ashleigh being good and not evil waved her magic fairy wand and restored the sleepy sidewalk to a pretty picture. thank you ashleigh.
i was afraid this would happen. i'm going to knit some garters for my tree stocking. yank on this!
if you get a chance check it out sooner then later. i think the tree sweaters in the mission will stay cozy much longer. have no fear i will not rest till every tree and maybe even lamp post on my block is safe and snuggly wrapped in wool.


Boomerang Gallery said...

i am the first to comment
hee hee ... walking bye and seeing the tree all sweatered and fashion forward was the best thing evah in petaluma a big thanks to heidi
love drew

anonant said...

Maybe the sweater so moved the burger and shake holding malfeant that he/she converted to healthy food and just dropped both and walked away.